The Odd Season

Late summer merges into reluctant autumn

It was not my intention to set up a blog – it sort of got thrust upon me. But now it’s here I might as well make good use of it. I have a grasshopper mind. I set out with the intention, and often a firm plan, to do something specific but instantly spot something more interesting. I can hop along the twisting garden path completely oblivious to the half-started tasks I am dropping along the way. (That incidentally is how I arrived at writing this blog in the first place. I merely wanted to get rid of an irritating pop-up ad on my browser, and moved on to checking out better browsers, installing, transferring data, and then, blow me, this browser offered a blog if I just registered – which I did, and here I am). By contrast, I can occasionally home in on a specific task – and become totally engrossed in it to the exclusion of everything, and completely lost in time. Is this ADHD, or the occupational hazard of being a writer? Not being a fan of soi-disant scientific labels, I’ll opt for the latter. Which reminds me, I should be working on the next chapter, though I do need to just check out whether…


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